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Braces Without Wires


Invisalign is a state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment program that gently moves crooked, overlapping, or widely spaced teeth into their correct positions using a series of clear, plastic aligners.

Dr. Lee has many years of experience treating various patients with misaligned teeth using this unique system. If you have crooked teeth, give our Irvine dental office a call today and schedule your free consultation to find out if Invisalign is the right solution for you.

What Will Happen

When you are ready to begin treatment with Invisalign, we will take digital images of your teeth. Then we will use a computer program to create a treatment plan to move your teeth into their correct position.  This data will be sent to the Invisalign lab where a series of aligners will be fabricated according to your individualized treatment plan.

Your aligners will be numbered in the sequence in which they should be worn. All you have to do is wear the aligners over your teeth in their assigned order. The aligners apply pressure to your teeth gently coaxing the teeth to move. After you’ve worn the aligner for the prescribed amount of time, you simply throw the aligner away and move on to the next one in the series.

The Benefit of Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

-No food restrictions-
You can remove your aligners to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

Clear and Comfortable-
There are no metal wires and brackets that can irritate you gums of cut the inside of your mouth, and because it is clear, it is practically unnoticeable.

-Better Oral Hygiene-
You can remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth like normal. It’s simple and easy unlike traditional braces.

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