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Dental Implants

Missing Teeth, No More

Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing one or more teeth in your mouth, dental implants are often the treatment of choice and are also one of the best long term options for tooth replacement. They are designed to physically and biologically attach to your jaw bone, and become the foundation for a natural looking restoration that looks, feels, and functions like your own teeth.

How It Works

A dental implant procedure at Irvine Dentistry is the replacement of the tooth with a synthetic “root” made of titanium, similar to the material used in hip and knee replacements. After the implant root integrates with your jaw, a crown that looks and feels like your own tooth will be attached to this titanium root. Once this is completed, you can eat virtually anything and you will be able to smile with confidence.

The Benefits

Titanium is used as the foundation for the implant because of its ability to osseointegrate with the bone. This means it has the capability to bond with the bone biologically, making the implant feel natural and long lasting . With our dental implants, we hope to accomplish these three goals for you.

A dental implant will fit, function, and feel just like your natural teeth. It will improve your chewing ability so food tastes better. They are strong and stable and the next best thing to your own natural teen.

The dental implant bonds with your own jaw, so it looks and feels like your own natural teeth. It will increase your self-esteem and give you back your smile.

-Oral Health-
Dental implants are the only dental restoration that not only prevents bone loss but actuall stimulates bone growth. It also preserves your other teeth because it does not require having your remaining teeth ground down to support the implant unlike a dental bridge.

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